Akin Faminu: The Camel Hue x Infamous Shoes

Hello People, Finally got to shoot Akin Faminu After a long time from our last meet

The traffic yesterday wasnt even smiling. The fuel scarcity is really hitting hard. Our original location was dumped cause of the time we began but using here was terrific too, plus we achieved the look perfectly.

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Also Peek the shoes by Infamous By Glenn JudoAkinFaminu_XLTMedia-0201 AkinFaminu_XLTMedia-0188 IMG_20150516_113011 AkinFaminu_XLTMedia-0192 AkinFaminu_XLTMedia-0212 IMG_20150516_113850 AkinFaminu_XLTMedia-0219 AkinFaminu_XLTMedia-0217