Independence Day

Nigeria Celebrates 55 years of Independence and as such I thought a collaboration with the Covenant University Student Council wouldn’t be a bad idea

So we got 4 models , Unique in diversity Different features.  United by the common borders of being Nigerian

As Nigeria turns 55, we will never be any younger and we have never been this old. Being proud to be Nigerian isn’t an ode anymore but a heartfelt gratitude to destiny. Enjoy






Cassie In Culottes






Hi Guys, So I shot Cassie Daves Earlier this week, And tbh it was a preety short shoot, cause the scorching sun and of course cause Cassie gave me no troubles with poses.

She rocked culottes which are almost like skorts but not exactly skorts.

Check Out her blog for more  Blog Post:Cool In Culottes

But take a look at the pictures hereDSC_0345 culottes-shorts-style-trend-cassie-daves (2) culottes-shorts-style-trend-cassie-daves (1) 1432246264465 culottes-shorts-style-trend-cassie-daves-hat- (2) culottes-shorts-style-trend-cassie-daves-hat- (1) 2015-05-21 11.19.12 1

Akin Faminu: The Camel Hue x Infamous Shoes

Hello People, Finally got to shoot Akin Faminu After a long time from our last meet

The traffic yesterday wasnt even smiling. The fuel scarcity is really hitting hard. Our original location was dumped cause of the time we began but using here was terrific too, plus we achieved the look perfectly.

Check Out the full Blog Post The Camel Hue x Infamous Shoes

Also Peek the shoes by Infamous By Glenn JudoAkinFaminu_XLTMedia-0201 AkinFaminu_XLTMedia-0188 IMG_20150516_113011 AkinFaminu_XLTMedia-0192 AkinFaminu_XLTMedia-0212 IMG_20150516_113850 AkinFaminu_XLTMedia-0219 AkinFaminu_XLTMedia-0217

The College Ball ( College Week Dinner 2015)

At XLT , we are amazing, Yes i said amazing.

We know youre special and so we had to show you these amazing pictures first.

The fully attended dinner had lots of amazing moments,performances, award presentations ( we won one. thanks to you guys) and lots of different cute couples.

If you missed out on the dinner. . Then enjoy these pictures