Cassie In Culottes






Hi Guys, So I shot Cassie Daves Earlier this week, And tbh it was a preety short shoot, cause the scorching sun and of course cause Cassie gave me no troubles with poses.

She rocked culottes which are almost like skorts but not exactly skorts.

Check Out her blog for more  Blog Post:Cool In Culottes

But take a look at the pictures hereDSC_0345 culottes-shorts-style-trend-cassie-daves (2) culottes-shorts-style-trend-cassie-daves (1) 1432246264465 culottes-shorts-style-trend-cassie-daves-hat- (2) culottes-shorts-style-trend-cassie-daves-hat- (1) 2015-05-21 11.19.12 1