The Victoria King Faces

Hello Guys,
So i have been off here for a while for reasons best known to the infrastructure in this bloody school.
But well check out this post i titled the Vicky King Faces
Kinda an impromptu picture taking sessions
And see what came out of it.
Shout out to my beautiful friend Victoria King

Welcome To Covenant University!

Hey Guys
So well if you know me quite well you would know that i am a student of the prestigious Covenant University, and sadly but true our holiday has been cut short by a change of school calendar.
We resumed this week and i still feel grumpy about it cus there’s a whole lot more work to do at home, but oh well
School is essential,
Take a look at this amazing landscape of CU!
Welcome to CU for FRESHERS
and welcome back to those of you who have come.
If you haven’t come, You’re a baddo oh.